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July 30, 2006: Video Interviews with Donner, O'Halloran, McClure, and Thau

IESB.net has posted four video interviews from the recent San Diego Comic Con, where they spoke with director Richard Donner, actors Jack O'Halloran and Marc McClure, and editor and producer Michael Thau.

Donner gives his review of "Superman Returns" and talks about what advice he'd give to Bryan Singer for a sequel (if/when it happens).

Jack O'Halloran talks about "Superman II: The Donner Cut", a surprise ending, and tries to explain some of the fight scenes in the Fortress of Solitude.

Marc McClure also talks about "Superman II: The Donner Cut" and speaks about how he felt seeing some of the never-before-seen footage soon to be released.

Michael Thau, the driving force behind the whole project, talks about how we, the fans, had a big part of play in making this happen, and speaks about the unseen footage, new beginning and new ending.

IESB.net also interviewed "Superman Returns" executive producer Chris Lee, who speaks about ideas for a sequel and says to re-watch "Superman Returns" for hints on where they might go in a future Superman movie.

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