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July 2, 2006: “Superman Returns” Tops Weekend Box Office

While taking in over $32 million on Wednesday and Thursday, "Superman Returns" managed to top the weekend box office with approximately $52.15 million in over 4,000 theatres, an average of $12,829 per theatre.

This takes the total so far to $84.3 million in five days, which exceeds both "Batman Begins" and Peter Jackson's "King Kong" in their first five days.

The movie enjoyed the highest five-day gross in Warner Bros. studio history, beating 2003's The Matrix Revolutions, which did $83.7 million in its first five days.

"Bryan [Singer] is just such a bright and creative individual. He had his own vision, and he was right and did a great job," said Dan Fellman, Warner head of distribution.

The movie should hit $110 million by Tuesday, Fellman said.

"Superman Returns" had big returns in 76 huge-screen IMAX theatres, most of which ran the movie incorporating 3-D footage in many action sequences. About $5 million of the film's grosses came from IMAX theatres.

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