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Eva Marie Saint

January 13, 2006: Eva Marie Saint Talks About Filming “Superman Returns”

The Sydney Morning Herald published an interview with Eva Marie Saint, the 81 year old actress playing Martha Kent in "Superman Returns". Here's an excerpt from the article...

    In March and April, Saint made her first trip to Australia, filming scenes for Superman Returns at Fox Studios in Sydney and at "Martha Kent's farm" in Tamworth. "Where we did the [farm] scenes is the most beautiful place in the world, second to Africa, to see sunsets and sunrise," Saint says. "It was almost holy it was just so, so beautiful."

    It was, however, supposed to be [Kansas], a problem solved with a little intensive agriculture. "Where we shot they cannot grow corn because it is too dry, so six months before we started shooting, the guys were out there planting the seeds, growing the seeds, spraying the water so that by the time we started shooting it was taller than I am. However, if you wanted to buy that corn, it would cost $50 an ear, because that is how much it cost to grow."

Read the complete article at the SMH.com.au website.

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