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April 20, 2006: “Superman Returns” Magazine Update

Superman features on the cover of the June 2006 edition of Sci Fi Magazine, with an internal article focusing on Bryan Singer, including an interview with Bryan Singer's lifelong friend who tells what it's like to spend two weeks on the set of "Superman Returns".

Also, look for the May 2006 issue of Flare magazine as Kate Bosworth (Lois Lane) is on the cover, with an internal article about the actress.

Meanwhile, the Zero-G, one of the companies who worked on the film, specifically in regards to the flying special effects, will be running this ad (shown below) in various June edition magazines (such as Variety and Hollywood Reporter). The ad is a "Thank You" to the cast and crew of "Superman Returns".

Sci Fi Magazine Flare magazine Flare magazine Zero-G ad

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