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May 21, 2006: “Superman Returns” in Starburst #75

Starburst magazine (issue #75) features a report on their set visit to Fox Studios in Sydney, includes various interviews with cast and crew.

    Set Report! - With the imminent release of the new Superman movie on the big screen, we go behind the scenes on the summer's hottest blockbuster.

    Gil Adler - The producer reveals why he's delighted to be in the company of a superhero.

    Stephan Bender - Meet the lucky young actor who was chosen from hundreds of hopefuls to play the junior Clark Kent!

    Brandon Routh & Kate Bosworth - 'The whole movie hinges on the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane', as we learn from the two rising stars who play them...

Meanwhile, Movies.com has 4 short interview video clips with Brandon Routh, as he discusses the legacy of Superman, the costume, getting teased, and Superman's emotions.

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