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June 28, 2006: I Spent The Night With Superman Returns

By Steve Younis

I attended a special invitation only screening of "Superman Returns" last night (Wednesday June 28th) here in Sydney, Australia. The night before it's released publicly to the rest of the country.

With a packed cinema, I sat waiting somewhat patiently with my wife Sonia... finally the movie started...

While I won't give you a blow by blow description of the movie, scene by scene, I will give you my impressions.

Spectacular!! "Superman Returns" is a great movie! An excellent Superman movie.

Is it perfect? No, by no means is it perfect. It has its problems, but in the whole, it's fantastic. Great drama, great humor, great special effects, great acting, great music, great cinematography, great set design. Really great!

Routh is Superman. Routh is Clark Kent. He's everything I'd hoped for. He's not simply copying Christopher Reeve. Obviously his Superman and Clark Kent are similar to Christopher's, but Brandon somehow manages to make the parts his own. I was highly impressed.

The rest of the cast are perfect in their roles too. Kate as Lois, Kevin as Lex, Frank as Perry, and especially Sam as Jimmy.

I thought the additional characters for enjoyable too. I really liked Parker as Kitty, and enjoyed both Richard White and Jason White.

But, as I said, this movie isn't perfect, so what about it didn't hit the mark?

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