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June 20, 2006: On the Phone with Brandon Routh

AICN's Harry Knowles spoke with Brandon Routh on the phone recently, discussing "Superman Returns", his future plans, and more. Here's an excerpt from the phone conversation...

    Harry: Through this process, literally every time I write an article, there's been an endless "Talkback" of people arguing about...

    Brandon: Yes...

    Harry: "He's too young for it" although you're the same age as Christopher Reeve...

    Brandon: People have definitely argued quite a bit, yeah.

    Harry: Well - going back and forth through all of that. How frustrating is it to see people argue about what they haven't actually seen what you've done yet?

    Brandon: Right, well at first, it was actually a little upsetting. But of course these people are very passionate about this character. About this icon. They're going to have their feelings and they should. And you know, they express themselves, very colorfully at times, I realized that these were unfounded and that they, of course, couldn't really know until they've seen the film. And then, after they've seen the film, if that's how they feel, that's obviously how they are going to feel. I realize I can't please everybody so I just do what I do and trust that most people will enjoy it, and think that I'm old enough, that I look big enough in the suit, that I can act well enough and do all of those things.

Read the complete conversation at AICN.

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