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July 5, 2006: “Superman Returns” - The Week that Was

With a Box Office figure of $108,091,711 in its opening week in the U.S., "Superman Returns" has Warner Bros. execs smiling.

"I don't know what to say. This is beyond my expectations", said Bruce Synder, WB's head of distribution.

Arune Singh at ComicBookResources has written another fair-minded article about Superman's box office comparisons to other movies released over previous 4th of July long-weekends...

    Last year's big WB superhero release, "Batman Begins" didn't cross the $100 million mark until day ten, making "Superman Returns" an equally well-reviewed and more profitable film. This upward trend bodes well for WB's next superhero flick, "Wonder Woman," and will no doubt encourage fast tracking of the oft-discussed "Green Lantern" and "Flash" films. 2001's big franchise starter, "Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring," took eight days to hit the $100 million mark, and as is well known, that film did just fine thanks to word of mouth and the resulting strong legs at the box office.

Speaking of other movies, Kevin Smith takes a dig at producer Jon Peters in a short promotional trailer for Kevin's up-coming film "Clerks 2".

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