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November 22, 2006: Superman Returns Contest and Competitions

SFX Magazine is running a "Superman Returns" contest where fans can win a great prize pack consisting of Superman Returns on DVD (single disc edition), two t-shirts, a cap, bag, pen, notepad, flyers, umbrella and clock. And those are just for the runners up! One very, very lucky winner will receive an Ultimate Superman Returns goody bag, which contains everything listed above plus copies of Superman Returns: The Visual Guide and Superman Returns: The Movie and Other Tales of the Man of Steel graphic novel, a Superman Returns poster, and The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection DVD box set, as well as a DVD recorder! The competition is open to fans around the world. Enter now!

SuperheroTimes.com is also running a "Superman Returns" contest where you could win "Superman Returns" and "Lois & Clark: The Complete Fourth Season" on DVD, as well as Noble Collection gift certificates.

Fans in Mexico should check out MixUp.com.mx who are giving away "Superman Returns" on DVD when you purchase other Superman merchandise and alert MixUp of your purchase while also sending them a photo of your personal Superman collection. More details can be found at MixUp.com.mx.

BlueTights.net is also running a couple of contests.

Wallpaper Winner Don't forget our very own "Superman Returns" DVD contest which is still open for entries.

EA Games has concluded its "Superman Returns: The Videogame" Wallpaper Contest and celebrity judge Jim Lee has selected the winners.

The Alienware Area-51 Superman Returns Edition Notebook and a copy of "Superman Returns: The Videogame" was won by someone by the name of "Eva", who put together the wallpaper shown here.

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