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June 5, 2006: “Superman Returns” in Details Magazine

The June/July 2006 edition of Details Magazine features an exclusive first look at pages from the script of "Superman Returns".

    In this special section Details features an excerpt from the script written by Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris (the brains behind X2: X-Men United). Their omissions and revisions were left intact as a window into the creative process. Following that are exclusive stills from the film, and a visit with director and fellow X-Men alum Bryan Singer, whose car-lifting Hollywood work ethic and Kryptonian vision helped restore Superman's promise to the skyscraper heights we all fondly remember.

The feature also includes some unseen images from the movie and a chat with Bryan Singer.

    Singer, who directed Superman Returns and cowrote the story on which the screenplay is based, knows from superpowers, having already directed a multiple-Oscar winner (The Usual Suspects) and two X-Men movies. As he races around Hollywood in his Aston Martin, zipping from a comic-book shop to his favorite West Hollywood coffee place ("Caffeine," he crows. "I live for caffeine!"), Singer looks like an overgrown Romper Room kid in his periwinkle T-shirt and Farrah-era jeans. But hearing him nervously chatter on his cell phone ("No! Definitely not,'" he says, vetoing a special-effects change involving the red-and-blue suit. "If the cape is too small, it makes Superman look like a dweeb"), you realize just how mighty a force Singer is in this town.
Details Magazine Details Magazine Details Magazine
Brandon Routh and Bryan Singer filmging in Sydney Kate Bosworth and Bryan Singer filmging in Sydney Bryan Singer, Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh
Details Magazine Details Magazine Details Magazine
Bryan Singer Kate Bosworth and Bryan Singer Lois, Richard and Jason

While on the subject of photos, StephanBender.com has some behind-the-scenes photos from the set.

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