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Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition

November 16, 2006: Superman DVD News

A few fans have emailed in asking if I know if the 14-disc "Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition" tin set comes with the DVD covers shown in the stand-alone releases. The answer is "No".

As you can see from the photo of the "Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition" tin set, the book-like interior of the packaging only includes the discs.

ZonaDVD.com have more pics of the packaging.

ZonaDVD.com also has images of the Region 2 edition of "Superman Returns" on DVD in a steelbook casing with the same comic book that's included in the 14-disc tin set.

Speaking of the comic book, the images shown at that website definitely identify the comic in the 14-disc collection as "Superman #7" by John Byrne (from 1987).

Fans in Mexico will be able to buy the "Superman Returns" DVD from November 17th. Check the official Mexican site for a DVD commercial video.

Check out our "Guide to the Superman Movie DVDs" for more info and links to order the DVDs online.

Thanks to Renato Pascual for the photo and Mercedes Muia for the above links.

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