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August 30, 2006: AICN Reviews “Hollywoodland”

While the Superman Homepage plans on presenting you an in-depth review of "Hollywoodland" in early September, here's part of a review posted by Harry at AICN...

    It's a wonderful film filled with great performances by not just Affleck and Brody, but a stunning performance from Diane Lane, a solid piece of work from Bob Hoskins and a sexy turn by Robin Tunney. It has moments of wonderful nostalgia, but more importantly - it presents a complex well rounded portrayal of a man that many saw as a comic book. The film is a bitter pill, a sad story - but it's one well worth watching and enjoying. Not all movies need to make you happy, sometimes they can make you contemplate the inherent sadness to the world.

    Ultimately all of the options to how Reeves died... well, they're all unpleasant. They all end the same way, with a talented, charming role-model to millions dead in a bed. No matter how you slice it. George Reeves died on June 16, 1959. And he'll never come back.

You can read Harry's complete review at AICN's website.

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