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May 25, 2006: Singer Talks About “Superman Returns”

MTV interviewed Bryan Singer recently, asking him how things are going now that the movie is nearly completed...

    Peter Parker's Uncle Ben once said, "With great power comes great responsibility," a call to action that will forever govern the mission of Spider-Man.

    Bryan Singer might not be a superhero himself, but he certainly surrounds himself with plenty of them. Sucking down some caffeine during his final days assembling the film that returns Superman to the big screen, the bleary-eyed director took a step back from his editing machine to confess that he is haunted by that perceptive phrase.

    "I'm bouncing back and forth from here doing the mix, to the old Warner Hollywood studios, the lot, where we do our visual effects," the 40-year-old said of his intense schedule, which he'll conclude later this summer with a well-deserved vacation in his beloved Hawaii. "I go back and forth all day long. Some of our visual-effects vendors are in L.A., some are in London, and some in Australia. We work around the clock."

Read the entire interview at MTV.com, where they also have an exclusive online video from the interview from MTV Overdrive.

The Associate Press also got in the act, asking Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh about the whole casting an unknown as Superman...

    "A known actor comes with baggage, and Superman as a character is much larger than any actor," said "Superman Returns" director.

    Bryan Singer, who settled on Routh, an actor with just a soap-opera stint and a handful of television guest spots. "He looked like he stepped out of a comic book. Brandon's an extremely fine actor, but he also needed to have the physical presence of someone who steps out of the collective perception of who Superman is."

    "I think there's definitely something to that. Superman is such an icon that it's weird to even imagine myself as him," Routh said. "I think it helps that when people look at me in the film, they maybe see a little Brandon Routh, but they mostly just see Superman for right now. It's very important for the character."

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