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June 30, 2006: “Superman Returns” Box Office Around the World

As we reported yesterday, "Superman Returns" took in US$21 million on its first day in America. Thursday it earned another $11 million, bringing its grand total to a solid $32 million after two days.

Warner Bros. Pictures said Thursday that it opened the movie to "outstanding" results in the Asia-Pacific area starting Wednesday. Of six openings in the zone on Thursday, the only available figures at presstime were from Australia, which generated $919,000 from 407 prints, hailed as Warner Bros.' seventh-highest opening in the market behind the studio's two "Matrix" films and four Harry Potters. It was reported to have topped the opening day of "Troy" by 9%, "War of the Worlds" by 4% and "X2: X-Men United" by 3%, but it was behind "Spider-Man 2." In the first day of release on Wednesday, the comeback of the Man of Steel grossed an estimated $1.3 million from 548 prints in Korea, the Philippines and Thailand, all greeting the film at the No. 1 position on their boxoffice charts, the studio reported.

BoxOfficeProphets.com has an indepth article comparing these figures to other recent movies.

Speaking of Superman around the world, Google and Warner Bros. have joined forces to give fans the inside track on the new movie. Google Video has behind-the-scenes photos, trailers and all 27 of Bryan Singer's Video Journals. Also of interest is the "Superman Sightings Around the World" feature. The Google map contains shield icons that mark the various Superman sightings throughout the world.

Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth appeared on MTV's TRL to discuss the movie. You can download the 12 minute segment as a 24mb WMV file.

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