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March 29, 2006: “Superman Returns” in Dreamwatch Magazine

The latest issue of Dreamwatch magazine has an interview with Bryan Singer. Here's an excerpt from the article...

    Q: What is your take on this iconic material?

    A: Instead of trying to remake Richard Donner's film, I thought I would tell a return story, where Superman has been gone for about five years and he returns to Earth and finds that people have moved on a bit, particularly Lois Lane. She's his one and only love. It's the story of how he re-finds his place in the world or redifines his place in the world. I think the world appreciates him, but it becomes more personal than that."

Be sure to buy your copy of Dreamwatch, now available on newsstands in the UK (issue #140), and on April 30th in the USA (issue #19).

Thanks to Olea from DevotedToSmallville.com for the lead on this news.

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