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July 17, 2006: “Superman Returns” U.K. World Premiere Report

By Dawn Jones (DJintheUK)

On Thursday July 13th 2006, along with hundreds of other fans, I was at the UK premiere for Superman Returns. I arrived at Leicester Square around 10:30am to find I was nowhere near the earliest bird there. By that time there must have been 30-40 fans already in a line outside the cinema ready for when the barriers came. I did however arrive early enough to still get a good spot.

Barriers went up just after 1pm. The atmosphere by then was getting exciting with more and more fans turning up and staff setting things up. Warner Bros handed out white Superman T-shirts to those at the front of the barrier asking for us to wear them, which of course we did! Between 1-5pm various press crews recorded their bits on the red carpet and interviewed some of the fans. The moment everyone was waiting for came around 6:15pm when the cast and crew of Superman Returns arrived. And after 8 hours of waiting and a lot of shouting and calling of names I was very very lucky and managed to get the autographs of pretty much everyone in attendance from Superman Returns and to those people - Frank Langella, Kate Bosworth, Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Chris Lee, Michael Dougherty, and Bryan Singer - THANK YOU! Particularly to Bryan who, having missed a group of us at the barrier, having been called away to do an interview, came back again to us despite being called to go inside.

Even more of a shock to myself was the fact that I managed to remain quite composed at the arrival of Superman himself, Brandon Routh. I even managed to say a few words. I told him, "I don't expect you to remember this, having done interviews for the past month, but thank you for answering my questions as a UK 'superfan' via email." Brandon appeared to be thinking about it and so I interjected with the fact that it was arranged via Warner Bros as a Q&A session with six fans. His response. "Oh yes! I answered those on my own computer. You're welcome." I don't need to tell you how dumbstruck I was after that! A truly fantastic day, I hope you enjoy the photos taken by my good friend Michelle.

UK Premiere UK Premiere UK Premiere
UK Premiere UK Premiere UK Premiere UK Premiere
UK Premiere UK Premiere UK Premiere UK Premiere

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