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November 4, 2006: “Superman II: The Donner Cut” Movie Clips and Photos

Warner Bros. has released a number of photos from the November 2nd screening of "Superman II: The Donner Cut" in Hollywood.

Hollywood Screening Hollywood Screening Hollywood Screening Hollywood Screening
Hollywood Screening Hollywood Screening Hollywood Screening Hollywood Screening

Click here to download the above images (and more) in hi-res format.

While IGN.com has made available a number of online film clips from the movie.

You can pre-order "Superman II: The Donner Cut" as a stand-alone DVD or as part of the 14-disc Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition box set. Both will be released on November 28th.

Here is Tim Gardner's report regarding his time at the screening...

    I am writing this with a ton of excitement and energy so if I left some things out please excuse me.

    The film was beyond amazing! Breathless! Unbelievable! I felt like a 10 year old kid again with the goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach.

    The evening started on the red carpet with Noel Niell arriving with Larry Ward, her biographer. Then Sarah Douglas who I was in attendance with. She was Beatuiful and beeming! Next to arrive was Marc McClure and his family, he was full of excitement as always. Then Margot Kidder & Tom Mankewicz arrived together and the house got loud! Brandon Routh and fiance Courtney Ford followed, with Richard Donner and his wife close behind. Jack O'Halloran, Bryan Singer and Seth Green arrived shortly after all this.

    After the red carpet slowed down, out of the corner of my eye I saw Ilya Salkind and his gilrfreind. They did not go down the red carpet but I was glad he was there.

    Sarah then grabbed me and pulled me into the cocktail party and introduced me to several people. After that I had a short conversation with Ilya Salkind. It was a pleasure talking with him. While talking to Ilya we got a pleasant interuption by Jim Bowers (capedwonder.com). I was so very happy for him as I know this had been a long time dream of his and he did alot work on the new DVDs. I have known Jim for over 10 years and I was so very happy for him.

    Things started to wind down in the cocktail party and they started turning the lights down to let us know it was time for the movie to start.

    I went and sat down in the reserved section behind Jack O' Halloran and his guest.

    Richard Donner made some statements and explanations about the movie and what we were about to see.

    The introduction/credits were breath taking... I was 10 years old again!

    I am not going to spoil the movie for everyone, the only things I can say is that the Brando/Reeve stuff was AMAZING and the new flying images were fantastic! What I saw in "Superman II: The Donner Cut" was what I was hoping Bryan Singer was going to do between Routh/Brando. It is spectacular!

    I did have the pleasure of speaking some more with Ilya Salkind after the film and he was both somber and happy and kept repeating to me that he wished Chris could have been there and how fantastic Sarah looked. He was upset with Margot and said he wished she would have let some things not be said at the panel. I did not jump into that conversation too much. I wanted to leave on a good note and a good note it was!

    The panel discussion afterwards was fantastic and historic.

    I will always believe a man can fly. Thanks Richard Donner.

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