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June 29, 2006: “Superman Returns” Makes $21 Million on Opening Day

According to various Box Office experts, "Superman Returns" brought in $21 million on its opening day on Wednesday.

It was the 29th-largest opening day and eighth largest for a Wednesday.

For Warner Bros., Superman's return flew higher than "Batman Begins" ($15.1 million) and "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" ($16.5 million).

"Superman Returns defeated our expectations," said Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros.' executive vice president and general sales manager. "We were looking at Batman Begins [as a benchmark] and hoping to hit $20 million and we exceeded $20 million." Studio exit polling indicated that 58 percent of the audience was male and that those over and under 25 years old were equally represented.

The $21 million opening day puts "Superman Returns" just behind last year's "War of the Worlds", which collected $21.3 million before moving on to earn $121.2 million its first seven days. However, Superman has a slight advantage over Spielberg's movie, as next Tuesday is the Fourth of July and more people will be able to head to theaters.

Singer's film debuted in 3,915 theaters and will expand to 4,064 theaters on Friday, the fourth-widest release ever. "Spider-Man 2" holds the opening-day record for a Wednesday with $40.4 million.

Is $21 million good or bad? Actually, it's probably too early to tell whether the "Superman Returns" opening means that it's on its way to becoming a smash or if it's a disappointment. After all, it's very very rare that a major motion picture makes all of its money in its first day in release. We'll continue to bring you the Box Office numbers as they become available.

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