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June 9, 2006: “Superman Returns” Press Screening and Junket

The Superman Homepage's Jeffrey Bridges attended a press screening of "Superman Returns" last night in L.A. Today he attended the Warner Bros. "Superman Returns" press junket where he got to interview the cast and crew.

From all reports the movie was very well received by the packed cinema (standing room only), with the movie receiving a long applause at the conclusion.

Here are the transcript of the roundtable interviews with Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth...


    Press: Is there anything unique you wanted to bring to the character that hadn't been there before? We see a lot of vulnerability on screen that looked really good...was that yours?

    Brandon: Thank you, and yeah, I know, that has to do with the script, I mean, it allowed me to do that, which was fantastic because we really get to see the character mature and deal with some things that are, that I think as an audience member, really pull us in, and I think that Superman's journey is to become comfortable on Earth. Of course he's got his role as Earth's greatest protector, but he also wants to be as happy as he can, and if that happens to be with Lois, then he's gonna find a way. It might not be easy, but he'll do...that's the journey. So that was great to be able to play that. Other than that, I think one thing with the flying, we wanted to make it as graceful as possible, of course that's easier with a CGI element, but there are many shots that are really really me, and some great stuff that I'm really proud of, so we wanted to make that as graceful as possible, and just the movement of the character as being really regal, and have a great sense of power when moving, which is a difference between Superman and Clark as well.

Read the full interview with Brandon Routh right here at the Superman Homepage.

Kate Bosworth

    Press: Can you tell us how Brandon struck you the first time you met him? How he turned out to be as an actor?

    Kate: I met Brandon for the first time when he had the role already and I came in to screen test and I was very curious to see how he was as a person but to see how he was going to play the role, because as I said I was given two scenes. One was Lois Lane with Clark Kent and one was Lois Lane with Superman and so I was going into the room I was very curious to see how he was going to play both, and excited to see that. And I was, I think like many people I was sort of...I don't know, I was...skeptical in a way. I think I was going in sort of hyper-critical of...I thought, "How is anyone really going to be able to pull off Superman nowadays?" I really was curious, and I went in and I started to read with him as Clark Kent first and I thought, "He's really really good, he's playing this really well." And I thought, well, Clark Kent, yeah, but I want to see how he plays Superman, the second one. I was impressed with how he played Clark Kent. And when we went to the Superman scene, which is the rooftop scene, so a lot of different emotions were going through my character's head, and his, and I remember being in the middle of that scene and just...realizing in a moment that I had become totally lost in just reading with him in a white, bare, sparse room with a tripod video camera and a couple of people sitting around watching,...and that's when I realized that he was gonna be tremendous in the film.

Read the full interview with Kate Bosworth right here at the Superman Homepage.

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