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June 14, 2006: Comparing “Superman: The Movie” to the Comics of the Time

The Superman Homepage has published many articles regarding "Superman Returns" and how it compares to what we know from the comics. This time around Barry Freiman has written an interesting article comparing "Superman: The Movie" to what was canon in the comics back in 1978. Here's an excerpt from the article...

    Continuity buffs in 1978 were unhappy that the movie Clark Kent's professional life didn't more closely resemble his comic book work world. In the comics, the Daily Planet had been a wholly owned subsidiary of Galaxy Communications for several years. Galaxy's main Metropolis property wasn't the Daily Planet but television station WGBS. Morgan Edge ran Galaxy and forced Clark to become a television reporter in the early 1970s.

    Long-time Superman editor Julius Schwartz's 2000 biography, "Man of Two Worlds", explains that the first draft of the script to the 1978 movie made Clark a TV reporter. The Producers told screenwriter Mario Puzo that the public regarded Clark Kent as a mild-mannered newspaper reporter for the Daily Planet, not a TV reporter, and insisted on the classic newspaper setting. Comic book Clark by 1978 wasn't just any TV reporter. Edge had Clark co-anchoring the evening news with former childhood sweetheart Lana Lang. Lana returned from having spent years in Europe just to take the gig and be close to Clark and Superman.

    Lois Lane spent some of her time reporting TV news but she and Jimmy seemed to do more work for Perry White and the Daily Planet than Clark was doing by then. Lois was famous as a reporter and for being Superman's "friend". She was more independent than she'd ever been before with a regular feature in "Superman Family" that didn't always end with Superman saving her. When she found herself in trouble and Superman wasn't around, she'd use not just her ingenuity but a form of Kryptonian martial arts called Klurkor that she learned in the bottled Kryptonian city Kandor.

Read Barry's complete article right here at the Superman Homepage.

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