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December 4, 2006: Kal Penn Talks “Superman Returns” Deleted Scenes

AintItCool has published an interview with Kal Penn, in which he discusses his role as Stanford in "Superman Returns", and how much of his role was cut from the final film. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: I have yet to see the deleted scenes on the DVD, so maybe this question would be answered by those, but was there a time when your character actually had lines?

    A: [Laughs] Yeah, here's what happened with that. The original script, the character's name is Stanford, and he had a subplot that's about 20-minutes long in the rough cut that I saw. Part of his plot was that he and Lex Luthor are in cahoots, and Stanford plants evidence in the Daily Planet that sends Superman into outer space for all those years. And that's why he leaves, because he thinks Krypton still exists.

    Q: That's fantastic. I know that Bryan Singer has said he's toying with the idea of releasing a mega-cut of this film eventually and showing some of the Superman going to Krypton storyline. I know they were shot.

    A: I implicitly trust Bryan as a director. He makes amazing films, and the version in the theaters was absolutely the director's cut. It's a much cleaner story with the cuts that he made. But the flip side as an actor is that it's a bummer that you don't get to have as big a part in SUPERMAN.

    Q: But you're in SUPERMAN RETURNS. You could do the convention circuit now as Stanford!

    A: Oh yeah. The bottom line as an actor and a fan of the significance of Superman, pop-culture-wise and throughout American history, it was definitely an experience that I'll never forget. But would it be cool to have them on the DVD? Yeah, and I hope they're on there. [They aren't. However, one of the deleted scenes does actually feature Penn speaking. Hooray!]

Read the complete interview at the AICN website.

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