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February 6, 2006: Frank Langella Talks “Superman Returns”

Frank Langella (who plays Perry White in "Superman Returns") took part in a chat with the group from The Envelope and has this to say about his time filming in Australia...

    MB: I heard that you are going to be in the Superman movie
    Blue eyed baby: I am very curious about that as well, I am a long time Superman fan.
    Athony: What can you tell us about the filming of Superman Returns??
    Frank Langella: Superman Returns. I went from the last shot in GNGL at 9 or 10 PM at night, then I jumped out of the car and jumped into a waiting car, changed, hugged GC and raced to airport and JUST got on the plane in time to go to Aus, 24 hours later, I was standing on the set of Superman.
    Athony: oh WOW
    Andy: ha ha
    Frank Langella: I landed in Sydney and dropped my suitcases, went straight to the set for costume fitting, it was wonderful and , but stressful.
    Carlos Solis: That's a pretty exciting schedule.
    Athony: What was it like to work with Kate Bosworth? And does Brandon Routh have what it takes to be the Man of Steel?
    Frank Langella: I found the kids in Superman to be a wonderful unspoiled bunch of talented young actors
    Frank Langella: They started out by calling me "Mr. Langella," then by end of first week we were all friends.
    Frank Langella: 3.5 months of shooting
    Athony: Haha, thats so cool!
    AndreaWeaver: wow!
    AndreaWeaver: that's a long shooting schedule
    Blue eyed baby: do you think that people will be comparing Brandon to former Supermen like Christopher Reeve?
    Athony: its inevitable
    Frank Langella: Bryan Singer is like a child in a candy store. He would often take me around to other sets for the film and show me the toys, gadgets, many miniaturized sets. He adores that world and it was fun to be a part of it, be in a film like that.
    Frank Langella: It was like recess at school.
    Tom O'Neil: Do you feel that films like "Superman" get gypped at awards? That they don't get taken seriously as great movies when, in fact, they are?
    Blue eyed baby: I don't think sci-fi and fantasy films get enough credit, sometimes.

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