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September 29, 2006: Working Behind the Scenes on “Superman Returns”

The July-August edition of "Editors Guild" magazine contains 5 articles focusing on different people who worked on "Superman Returns"...

The Cover Story is titled "Action's Angels" and focuses on the three women, Mary Jo Markey, Maryann Brandon, and Terilyn Shropshire, who worked on the editing process; "Post-Production Does the Heavy Lifting on Superman Returns" looks at the editing and scoring with John Ottman and Elliot Graham; "Superman's Pals" examines the roles of five assistant editors; "A Stand-Up Guy" is an interesting short article written by Roger Fenton, an assistant editor on the movie, regarding posture and erganomics of working as an editor; and "Brando Talks" takes an inside look with first assistant sound editor Warren Hendriks and supervising sound editor/sound designer Craig Berkey on the process of bringing Marlon Brando back for "Superman Returns".

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