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May 23, 2006: Singer Talks “Superman Returns”, Imax 3D and More

Wired.com has conducted an interview with Bryan Singer, asking him about what it's like being responsible for Superman, how the Imax 3D experience will work for "Superman Returns", and much more. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: You're up to your neck in Superman. What's it like to take charge of not just the film but the Superman brand?

    SINGER: I call it the industry of Superman. There's the core brand, the movie, and all the merchandising and cross-promotions. I've been supervising everything, from Look Up in the Sky, a documentary on the history of Superman [on A&E June 12], to Got Milk ads. It's powerful stuff; you're dealing with almost 70 years of history in comic books and TV shows and movies. I mean, little kids who have never seen or read a comic book, you ask them who Superman is, they know he's got a cape. Take the S into the jungle and you'll have 50-50 recognition.

    Q: You're producing a 3-D Imax version?

    SINGER: Yeah, it's a little P. T. Barnum. Imax has this amazing technology: They took our teaser and turned it into 3-D Imax. I was pretty blown away. There's this mailbox shot of the Kent farm, and they had the mailbox, the fields, the cloud, the sky - everything had its own separate plane. Very impressive. Based on that demonstration, I thought it would be fun to do this. The idea is that when Clark takes off his glasses in the movie and becomes Superman, the audience puts on their 3-D glasses and watches the scene in 3-D Imax. Hopefully it will be more fun than disruptive.

    Q: How much of the film will be in 3-D?

    SINGER: We can't 3-D-ify the whole movie; it's not feasible. I'm allowed 20 minutes. I picked my 20 minutes today.

Read the complete 2-page interview at Wired.com, where they've also released three new photos.

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