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June 10, 2006: “Superman Returns” Bryan Singer Interview

As we reported yesterday, the Superman Homepage's Jeffrey Bridges attended a press junket where he got to interview the cast and crew after seeing "Superman Returns" the night before.

Here is the transcript of the roundtable interview with Bryan Singer. Look for more interviews in the coming days, and look back for more interviews and Jeffrey's spoiler-free review of the movie...

    Press: At San Francisco WonderCon, you had it at 2:55 the cut, 2:45, were you a little disappointed (in the cuts)?

    Bryan: No, not at all, I don't desire to make exceedingly long movies, I've never made exceedingly long movies, the first X-men was like 80 minutes...no, what happened was I had this cut and it was time to now sit with an audience, and we had what we call a friends and family screening where a number of people sit there and as I'm watching it, I looked at certain things in it, and felt certain things, and one of those was really tough because it was the return to Krypton sequence, a whole sequence in space, very expensive, elaborate sequence, but in the context of this movie, it just didn't, it just wasn't necessary, it wasn't important, and it could live afterwards in some other dimension, we could show it, and also in 3-D, it would be amazing in 3-D, and with what IMAX has done, this has been my latest, and I don't want to get into it because I don't know if I could or how I could do that, but I think it could exist in the future, but in the context of the movie, that and a few other pieces just were not...and you know, you feel it in the audience, and you know it, and you just look at your friends, and you sit down and you ask for straight answers from friends you trust and you say OK, and boom boom boom and those fifteen, twenty minutes came out, no problem.

Read the complete interview right here at the Superman Homepage.

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