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March 2, 2006: Cinematographer Thomas Sigel Talks “Superman Returns”

AintItCoolNews has published an interview with "Superman Returns" cinematographer Thomas Sigel in which they ask him briefly about his work on the film. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: How did you feel switching gears to SUPERMAN RETURNS instead of X3?

    Tom: I feel no loss not doing X3. I don't really understand this whole sequel obsession (well, actually, I do - I think it's called money). But mostly, it was very exciting to have a crack at Superman which, while in the same genre as X3, is something entirely different.

    Q: Were you asked to keep the look somewhat comparable to the first SUPERMAN or did you get to start from scratch?

    Tom: Bryan has great admiration for the original SUPERMAN. There were groundbreaking moments in that film, but there are also aspects that now appear quite dated. I think our production design probably adhered more to the look of the original film than the camerawork.

    There were certain aspects that Bryan wanted to treat as sacred, like The Fortress of Solitude and the Kent farm. Other design elements have a strong deco influence, unlike Richard Donner's version. Even so, the classic quality of that period seems to be very respectful not only to the original film, but to the origins of the comicbook as well.

    From a photographic point-of-view, I drew more influences from the old comics and the original artwork of Joe Shuster. There's just something about those bold angles and soft colors that enthrall me.

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