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May 9, 2006: “Superman Returns” Computer Peripherals from i-rocks

i-rocks has announced the up-coming June release of a range of "Superman Returns" computer peripheral products.

The products will be on display at the Taipei International Information Technology Show held between June 6-10 in Taiwan.

The "Superman Returns" i-rocks accessories include:

i-rocks Hub i-rocks Hubs SP-4000 Super USB2.0 4 Port HUB

  • Exquisite crystal design appears a delicate beauty.
  • Compact size and light weight-design, easy portable.
  • High-speed transfer rate up to 480Mbps each port.
  • Truly plug & play and hot swappable
  • Over-current protection on each port of USB Hub.
    Available in either Silver, Blue or Black

    i-rocks Card Reader i-rocks Card Reader SP-5000 Super Card Reader

  • Crystal-like surface and fashionable design.
  • Small and compact size, easy to carry anywhere
  • High-speed transfer rate up to 480Mbps
  • Truly plug & play and hot swappable
    Available in either Silver, Blue or Black

    i-rocks Keyboard i-rocks Keyboard SP-6000 Super Slim Keyboard

  • Slim and stylish is a perfect compliment any PC desktop, and a perfect match for today's sleek LCD displays and peripherals.
  • Low-profile style keys with a lighter action for faster typing.
  • Intuitive hotkeys for instant access to internet and multimediafunctions. Internet keys: Internet, E-mail, Search, Pre-Page, Next-Page Multimedia keys: Play/Pause, Stop, +Volume, -Volume, Mute
  • The Enter key is enlarged for easy to use.
  • Easy USB connection.
    Available in either Silver, Blue or Black

    i-rocks Optical Mouse i-rocks Optical Mouse SP-7000 Super Optical Mouse

  • 800-dpi high resolution provides accuracy and precision in data transmission; optical technology suitable for most desktop surfaces.
  • Two thumb buttons are easily accessible for any hand size.
  • Page Frontward/Backward function for fast control of Internet web pages.
  • Streamline design helps you work longer without discomfort.
  • USB cable, without the need for a software driver, features trueplug-and-play with hot swap connectivity for genuine ease of use.
    Available in either Silver, Blue or Red

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