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January 27, 2006: Gough on Welling and “Superman Returns”

While most fans seem to have gladly accepted the casting of Brandon Routh as Superman for "Superman Returns", early on there was quite a bit of noise from "Smallville" fans who were adamant that Tom Welling should have received the role. According to Al Gough, such a move would have killed the TV series.

Bryan Singer admitted to me personally that he'd never considered Tom Welling for the part, and now Al Gough (co-creator of "Smallville") in an interview with Variety also admits that it would have been impossible...

    "I think if he had ever been offered the movie, it would have killed the series," admits Gough. "I don't think Warner Bros. would have done that on a corporate level. It's not like 'The X-Files,' where you can see the movie and then come back and watch the series. It certainly was never an option for us and I don't really believe it was ever an option for Warner Bros."

    Welling, 28, is coy when discussing the negotiations that took place. If he's disappointed at not being the new Superman, he won't say.

    "It's such an odd thing to talk about. There were so many issues that would have had to have been dealt with -- scheduling, the future of the show -- for it to have happened."

    A sixth season hasn't been officially announced yet, but he does admit, "They're preparing for it. We're at a good place right now. We still have some issues to work out with the characters."

Read more at the Variety website.

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