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February 10, 2006: More “Superman Returns” Magazine Coverage

There's a whole new list of magazines featuring information on "Superman Returns"...

The Australian Empire Magazine March edition features Superman on the cover (same photo as the original U.K. edition) with a feature article from their set visit inside the magazine. Here's a small excerpt from the article...

    In regards to the pressure of making an 'original' movie:

    "How do I make it new? How do you make it original and different and yet keep in classic?" muses Singer. 'For Me, I was making a movie I didn't just want to be for comic fans, but also for families and also that women can go and see it and enjoy it as much as men, and that has componants which serve the hard core fans, so that the core fans feel that the character has been well treated, but at the same time will reach out to children and grandparents. And that WILL happen, because it's Superman. Its not a niche comic book." He states it one more time for emphasis, with the conviction of a man who cannot, will not fail. "It's Superman."

Dreamwatch Magazine Another magazine that has Superman on the cover is the May edition of Dreamwatch magazine (issue #19), with an interior article on the movie.

Starburst Magazine The Magazine's February edition comes with a free "Superman Returns" movie poster and has a preview article on the movie. As does the January edition of FX Magazine.

Issue #334 of Starburst Magazine (February edition) features Superman on the cover and also has a special movie preview within.

There's an exclusive look at "Superman Returns: The Video Game" within the Autralian Xbox Magazine (January 2006, Issue #49).

Score Magazine from France also features Superman on the cover (using the photo first seen on the Collector's Edition of Wizard Magazine #172). Their website also features snapshots from the magazines internal article on "Superman Returns" (some of these are shown below).

Score Magazine Score Magazine Score Magazine Score Magazine

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