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July 12, 2006: “Superman Returns” - The Cutting Room Floor

By Steve Younis

Originally published on June 30, I've now updated this article using reference material such as official photos released by Warner Bros., stills and audio from trailers and TV spots, images and information from the official Movie Cards, and details learned from the novelization and comic book adaptations.

While highlighting the scenes cut out of the final film, this article is in no way intended as a black mark or criticism against "Superman Returns". It simply highlights some of the things we'd heard of or seen during the making of the movie that did not end up in the final cut.

    Exclusive Story Card #1 of 6 - No Going Home
    A determined Kal-El travels to the stars in his personal spacecraft, searching for the reported remains of Planet Krypton. His journey soon proves deadly, as the perils of outer space and a deadly asteroid field test his ability to uncover the truth behind his legacy. Only after managing a safe return to Earth does he discover that it was Lex Luthor's criminal handiwork that sent him on a risky, wild goose chase to Planet Krypton.

    Note: This is another reference to the plot point, never used in the film, claiming that Lex Luthor was responsible for the fake reports on Krypton's survival.

Read the complete article right here at the Superman Homepage.

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