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August 10, 2006: Singer Talks About Superman Sequel, Cut Scenes and More

MediaBlvd.com has conducted an interview with "Superman Returns" director Bryan Singer in which they ask him about a possible sequel, why he cut various scenes from "Superman Returns", the success of the movie (especially internationally) and more. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: Can you talk about the next Superman film? Do you have a title or anything?

    A: No, I have nothing. I only have ideas.

    Q: Can you share any of those?

    A: I can't.

    Q: Just a little hint?

    A: Just that I know that there were certain things that were established in Superman Returns, like certain aspects of the characters, the relationships of the characters, certain reveals, and a great sense of unresolve in the romantic dilemma that Superman faces. And, now that the character is established, I'd like to take an opportunity to bring in, perhaps, a more threatening, foreboding, terrible element to the story.

    Q: Someone from Krypton perhaps?

    A: Perhaps.

    Q: Is it hard to walk the line between pleasing the fans of the old Superman and pleasing the new fans?

    A: I would probably take the characters, as they are established now, in Superman Returns and move from there. Having things that are referential and nostalgic are very special and very important to those of us who grew up with the Richard Donner film, as well as George Reeves' interpretation of it, and the comic book. There will always be a place in my heart for that. But, this will be the starting place. Like with the first X-Men, I had to find a place to begin to educate people who weren't familiar with that universe. Here, there's a whole generation not familiar with Superman, and there was a lot of value in having him return to a version of the Donner universe, but yet still continue it forward. It's always a delicate balance, particularly with a character this steeped in history and this ubiquitous. He means something to so many people, all over the world.

Read the complete interview at the MediaBlvd.com website.

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