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January 31, 2006: Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD Set

TheHollywoodReporter.com and other sites are reporting that Warner Home Video held a press event in the last few days where a fairly major announcement was made in regards to Superman...

The studio is planning a 14-disc Superman DVD set!

The set, called Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition, will be filled with featurettes, documentaries, and other stuff surrounding the Superman feature films, as well as all the Special Edition versions of the films themselves... including the Richard Donner version of "Superman II".

UPDATE: MovieWeb.com reported this extra information...

    Senior VP of Theatrical Catalog Marketing, George Feltenstein, informed us that 20%-40% of Richard Donner's Superman II has never been seen. After this presentation, the lights we're dimmed and we were treated to Donner's original opening of Superman II. This segment is set amidst the hustle and bustle of the Daily Planet. Lois Lane is reading an article on Superman. She sees Clark Kent across the room, who is standing with his arms folded, and she realizes that the two look quite similar. After drawing a hat, glasses and a suit on Superman, she and Clark are summoned into Perry White's office and informed of an assignment they will work on together in Niagara Falls.

    Perry soon leaves the room and Lois begins dropping hints to Clark that she thinks he's Superman. Clark of course denies this and Lois, believing he is lying, throws herself out the window. As she is tumbling in the air, Clark makes his way down to the street below. Using his "wind blowing" powers he slows up Lois's descent, and then makes an awning drop (courtesy of his "laser-like" eye power) so that Lois's fall is eventually broken by a fruit stand.

    Even with a temporary score and titles like "Work Test" cut into this piece, it still very much captured the spirit of what a Richard Donner cut of Superman II might have in store.

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