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March 28, 2006: Bryan Singer Updates Us on “Superman Returns”

TVGuide.com has interviewed Bryan Singer, asking him how he manages to juggle making "Superman Returns" while still giving time to his TV projects House and Bermuda Triangle. Here are a few excerpts from the interview...

    Q: What's the current status of Superman Returns?

    Singer: I have a cut of the film that I like. I'm now trimming it and completing the 1,500-plus visual effects.

    Q: The word is that you somehow brought back Marlon Brando to reprise his role as Jor-El. I was under the impression that he's dead.

    Singer: He is. What we did is we went back to [footage from the original Superman] and re-created Jor-El using computer technology based on references to the Richard Donner film.

    Q: So basically, you have a computer-animated Marlon Brando in the movie?

    Singer: Yeah, I guess you could call it that. The challenge is that when you have an actor, you can scan them using a cyberscan and a lumispheric scan to re-create them all the way down to the pores on their tongue or the hair on their ears, but since we didn't have Brando, we didn't have the actor. All we had was reference photography and film footage, so we had to reconstruct him in a computer. It was very challenging.

Read the complete interview at TVGuide.com.

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