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November 4, 2006: Alternate DVD Editions of “Superman Returns” Around the World

Last week we reported on the Lex Luthor exclusive DVD cover for "Superman Returns" being made available through Amazon UK. Now we have further details about other variant cover editions (and some with bonus material) being released elsewhere around the world.

BestBuy (Canada and America) have a "Superman Returns" DVD with Superman Guide edition which contains the 64 page "Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel" book.

They also have a 2-disc alternate cover edition (pictured right) with collectible multi-panel packaging, which also includes the "Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel" book.

FutureShop.ca DVD FutureShop.ca in Canada have a steel case edition of the Lex Luthor DVD cover of "Superman Returns" (pictured left).

Thailand DVD Meanwhile Sith from Thailand sent in the following information and photos of the 2-disc "Superman Returns" DVD release which also contains the 64 page "Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel" book and a T-shirt.

With no single-disc edition of the movie released in Thailand, fans can select from either of the following choises:

  • Two disc (variant cover) + Bonus Book and T-Shirt (as pictured to the right); or
  • Two disc (standard cover) + Bonus T-Shirt only

Update: HMV in the U.K. are offering the 2-disc set with an exclusive sleeve which features the international one sheet image.

Thanks to all the fans who emailed in with details of the above info.

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