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Young Clark floats

March 2, 2006: New “Superman Returns” Exclusive Photos

Warner Bros. Pictures has provided the Superman Homepage with an exclusive still from "Superman Returns".

The photo (shown right) depicts young Clark Kent (Stephan Bender) floating in the Kent Farm barn.

LatinoReview.com, SuperHeroHype, IGN, MTV, IESB.net and BlueTights.net also received exclusive pictures today. There's a picture of Clark Kent walking with his luggage back to the Daily Planet after being away for a few years. There's one of Clark reading the Daily Planet newspaper in the Kent Farm barn, and another showing Jimmy Olsen (with his camera) at his desk in the Daily Planet. The fourth pic shows a framed photo of the Daily Planet with the headline: "Where Has He Gone?" It obviously refers to Superman's conspicuous absence from the Metropolis scene. There's one of Clark and Lois inside the Daily Planet, and one of Jimmy Olsen, Richard White and Clark Kent in the Daily Planet.

Clark returns to work Framed Daily Planet Jimmy Olsen
Clark reads newspaper Clark and Lois Jimmy, Richard and Clark

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