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May 10, 2006: Impressions of “Superman Returns: The Videogame” from E3

EA Games is showing off "Superman Returns: The Videogame" at this year's E3 convention, and IGN has posted a report regarding what they saw...

    Superman Returns will blend key moments from the movie with more than 60 years of comic book history, so you'll face super-villains that have never graced the silver screen. Tiburon says there are more than 50 objectives in the game, and focusing on the story missions alone will take upward of 30 hours.

    So on to the trailer, which was the first ever look at in-game footage of Superman Returns. Standing in front of the Daily Planet, Supe leaped into the air and in seconds was flying hundreds of feet above Metropolis. After flying around for a few seconds, he then dove back down toward the streets, pulled up and flew in between buildings. There was an impressive sense of speed, especially when Superman used his super-speed ability and topped out at 800 mph.

    Against an enemy, he was able to utilize super-speed in an attack called "1,000 fists." In a blurring sequence, Superman flew on all sides of the enemy, punching it at every turn until it exploded.

Read more from this report at the IGN.com website.

GameDaily.com has also posted their impressions of the some gameplay examples shown to them at E3...

    Walking us through two missions, EA representative Jeremy Townsend made sure to highlight the various features of the game. First up was Warworld Arena, which highlights the combat. First, players fight the alien Overcast using melee combat. Upon defeat, Overcast swells to a huge energy form, and this form isn't so vulnerable to those punches. Instead, players must use the environment, lifting huge blocks from buildings, grabbing whole sections of towers, and throw them in Overcast's direction. This also calls attention to the importance of physics: remove the corner from a tower and watch the whole structure comes crumbling down.

    Back in Metropolis, Townsend demonstrated the scope of the city. At over 80 square miles, with over 8,000 buildings, Metropolis is a huge place. The city is split up into 9 unique districts, each with their own distinctive architecture and cars. Cars and pedestrians behave in accordance with traffic laws, obeying street lights instead of haphazardly wandering about.

    With Superman being Superman, he's got a wide array of powers available to him, chiefly super-strength, heat vision, flying, not to mention a powerful breath attack that sends cars and pedestrians flying. And therein lies the challenge of Superman, it's not to defeat enemies, but rather, to do so in the least disruptive method possible. Sure, a charged up heat ray may sound like a good idea, but in hindsight, the flaming car chassis and fleeing pedestrians littering suggest it wasn't the best course of action. Likewise, Superman's powers can be used to help people as well, the potential disaster of blimp being consumed by fire averted by Superman blowing the fire out.

EuroGamer also has an article about their impressions from the display at E3.

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