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June 7, 2006: Extended Interview with Bryan Singer on “Superman Returns”

The Hollywood Reporter has put up an indepth interview with Bryan Singer, discussing all aspects of making "Superman Returns". In one interesting segment Singer discusses plans for the DVD release of the movie...

    "I think we're going to do something called 'The In-Movie Experience' where you'll be able to be watching the movie and then instantly go to making-of footage. It's sort of the next evolution in running commentaries. Instead of just hearing the filmmakers or the actors talk over the scenes you'll be able to leap in and experience the making of the scenes and experience what we call 'B Roll.' You'll be able to leap to it right in the middle of watching the movie. My hope is that people experience the movie first and then go back and do this not do (it first). I don't know about the first release of the DVD, but there's a sequence I cut from the movie, a pretty significant sequence, and that sequence will appear at some point on (a DVD edition of the movie). It's kind of a fun look into Superman's journey off the Earth (into space that) I didn't use it in the movie. It might be on the DVD. I haven't decided yet."

Read the entire interview at the Hollywood Reporter website.

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