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October 24, 2006: Brandon Routh on His Role on “The Batman”

TV Guide spoke with Brandon Routh, the star of "Superman Returns", about his up-coming voice work on The Batman cartoon, where Routh will be playing the villainous Everywhere Man. Here's an exclusive excerpt from the TV Guide article...

    This latest addition to the Dark Knight's rogues' gallery uses quantum technology to duplicate himself, which is handy for stealing art. Routh, who tackled the part with campy zeal, enjoyed the chance to be the bad guy. "It's fun to play that side, especially with animation, because you can really go over the top," he says. "What would seem ridiculous on film plays well in animation."

Listen out for Routh's voice during the episode scheduled to air on The CW network in the U.S. on November 4th at 10.30am/9.30c.

Read more on Routh's comments in the October 30 - November 5 issue of the TV Guide magazine.

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