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July 28, 2006: “Superman Returns” to Holland

While the majority of the world has already seen "Superman Returns", it's easy to forget that some parts of the world are yet to see the new Man of Steel in action on the big screen.

Superman fan Adriana wrote in to tell us of the following "Superman Returns" news from Holland, where the movie will be in screened IMAX for Dutch cinema goers on July 29th. On August 3rd "Superman Returns" will be released nationwide.

Dutch TV guide Veronica magazine has a big Superman special that also includes an interview with Brandon Routh. The magazine's website is giving the first 400 people a chance to win tickets to see Superman Returns in IMAX.

Dutch critic Rene Mioch has written about the history of Superman. It's entirely in Dutch, but may interest those who understand the language. Rene has also had video interviews with Bryan Singer, Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, and Kevin Spacey in recent weeks.

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