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February 22, 2006: Warner Home Video Gives Details on Superman DVDs

Yesterday, Warner Home Video participated in a 3 hour live online chat with fans, answering questions and revealing their latest plans for DVD releases in 2006.

Of special note for Superman fans were further details surrounding the Ultimate Edition 14-disc Superman DVD collection and the up-coming release of the Kirk Alyn Superman Serials.

Here are excerpts from the chat transcription relating to Superman...

    JimBowers: Regarding the "Superman: The Movie" DVD in the upcoming Superman Ultimate Edition 14-disc DVD box set...will we see more deleted scenes, trailers and documentary footage? The key deleted scenes are: Jimmy and Superman floating above Hoover Dam, Superman attempting to catch the XK-101 rocket, and Superman flying past the World Trade Center after rescuing Lois from the crashed helicopter?

    Warner: We can't give you the exact details of what you'll be seeing in the 14 disc set, as that is all in progress at the present time. However we can confirm the following important facts.. We will be releasing both the extended cut of SUPERMAN THE MOVIE (the one on DVD now) and the original, shorter theatrical version as well. Further, we will be releasing both the SUPERMAN II theatrical cut, and the "Donner cut" both in the box, or available singularly. Lastly, SUPERGIRL is coming, but SUPERGIRL will not be part of the 14 disc SUPERMAN set.

    LaurenceGarvey: Can we expect the two Columbia serials in the 14-disc superman set?

    Warner: The Columbia (now owned by us) theatrical SUPERMAN serials will be released this year but through our "TV group" that's handling the TV series, and it will not be in the 14 disc box.

    PhilGee: My eternal thanks for announcing an ultimate 14 disc Superman boxset...my question is regarding the possibility of a Superman IV extended cut as part of the set. Apparently you have no plans to do it and I was just wondering if you could tell us the reasons why? Do you know for sure whether the cut footage (apparently stored at the Deluxe film labs in England) has been destroyed? Thank you!

    Warner: We have located all the footage for SUPERMAN IV, and will be including a great deal of deleted scenes. But no change in the version.

    BryanRi: Any tenative date for the 14 disc Superman set.

    Warner: SUPERMAN 14 disc box will be sometime before Xmas :)

    AvinashJ: Can we expect the longest known versions of Superman I, II, III, and IV to be included in the 14-disc DVD set (e.g. Superman I - 188 min., S2 - 154 min. aside from Donner Cut, S3 - 143 min., and S4 - 134 min.)? If not, is there any possible way Superman Fans can acquire the extended 16mm (TV) or 35mm versions from WB, Salkind, Time Warner, TV stations, or any other source possible)? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Thanks

    Warner: Work is ongoing on the Superman set. More will be revealed in months ahead. Trust that we know what the fans want, and we really want to deliver the goods.

    KyleHughes: Superman: Will "Superman Returns" be in the 14-disc set? Can we PLEASE have a bloopers section for each film & the deleted scenes that have been released in the tv edits? Please let us know an official outlet where Superman fans may leave their input for the 14-disc set. Thank you so much!

    Warner: "Superman Returns" will be in the box, but I am not certain of all the extra features on the discs. Work is still ongoing.

The complete transcript of the live chat can be found at the Home Theater Forum website.

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