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March 13, 2006: The Curse of Superman Documentary

SFX reports that Channel Four in the U.K. will be airing a documentary which examines the myth of a Superman Curse...

    With Superman Returns hitting cinema screens in July, a Channel Four documentary will be surfing the wave of publicity.

    Called The Curse of Superman, the programme will look at the tragedies surrounding the franchise. For example, TV Superman George Reeves was found shot dead, supposedly having shot himself, tormented by being typecast. After playing Jor-El, Marlon Brando suffered a family murder and his daughter's suicide. Margot Kidder was found wandering the streets after a psychotic episode. Richard Pryor contracted multiple sclerosis. And of course, Christopher Reeve had a riding accident that left him paralysed.

    Coincidence? Or the results of a curse? Well... coincidence, frankly, but that wouldn't make for a juicy-sounding documentary, would it?

    The programme will feature interviews with the likes of Margot Kidder, Dean Cain, Susannah York and Barry Norman. TX date? No firm details yet, just that it'll air sometime during Channel Four's Spring season (ie between April and June). Keep your eyes peeled.

We'll bring you more details when they become available.

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