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Bob Hoskins as Eddie Mannix

August 15, 2006: Bob Hoskins Talks About His Role in “Hollywoodland”

DarkHorizons has posted an interview with Bob Hoskins about his role as Eddie Mannix in "Hollywoodland". Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Hoskins, a sprightly 64, says he knew about Reeves' Superman TV series, but little beyond that. "I saw all the series, but I didn't know anything about his suicide, murder and Eddie Mannix. I'd heard about him but I'd never sort of really known much about him."

    A character that could easily be played purely unsympathetically, Hoskins didn't see Mannix as being just a bad guy. "What attracted me to the part was the fact that this ruthless sort of tough, pragmatic film producer has the depth of feeling to love his wife so much for exactly who she was. I thought that there's something going on there and that man's got a bit of depth."

Read the whole interview at the DarkHorizons website.

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