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June 29, 2006: Celebrity Reactions to “Superman Returns”

"As for Superman Returns, I have a couple of simple words; Spectacular and Terrific. Superman is definitely back." - Ilya Salkind (Producer)

"I've seen the movie for the second time today which should tell you I really do like it. The cast is quite good but it's the story that drives the film, and this is a very personal story with lots of strong emotions. I think even a non-Superman fan would like this one. Kudos to all the film makers. They succeeded." - Marv Wolfman (Writer)

"I thought is was terrific. Bryan's love of the character comes through in every frame of film, he was the perfect choice to return Supes to the big screen. Dan and Mike wrote a great script, and my old friend Gil Adler produced what I think is the crown jewel of his career. I also had the pleasure of reconnecting with Dick Donner (who Miles and I worked with on Lethal Weapon 4) and meeting Tom Mankiewicz at the premiere. They both loved it as well, and Dan and Mike looked so pleased and relieved that they did! It was like a passing of the torch from one generation of Superman films to the next. I'm looking forward to the sequel! Oh yeah... in the meantime, watch Smallville!" - Al Gough (Executive Producer of "Smallville")

"The premiere was great, got to see a lot of old friends. Made peace with Illya Salkind and Pierre Spangler we had a wonderful conversation. Saw my dear friend Richard Donner and Tom Mankowitz. Talked to Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh. I thought the film was very good the CGI was fantastic, but I think we had a better story line. Brandon was excellent as Superman he at times doing Clark reminded me of Chris in a very eerie way. But overall the film was very good and I think the public will really like it." - Jack O'Halloran (Actor)

"I just saw the film last night, and I have to admit I was more than pleasantly surprised. It took the best of the old films and combined it with the most modern approach to the Superman mythos - that he's a MAN first. And when he is "super," those are some S-kicking scenes! There are some great surprises in the film - stuff we never could have gotten away with - that left me in shock. This one's a winner, gang. Superman has returned." - Joe Kelly (Comic book writer)

"It was like being a six year old kid again seeing SUPERMAN for the first time. The look and feel was perfect, complete with a dedication to Christopher and Dana at the end. I came out of the film remembering why I love the character." - Matthew Clark (Comic book artist)

We plan on bringing you more reactions from Superman related celebrities and professionals as more get to see "Superman Returns".

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