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July 9, 2006: Tour Lex Luthor's Luxury Liner: The Gertrude

IGN.com has released another batch of virtual quicktime tours from the sets of "Superman Returns". This time you can check out the lavish set of Lex Luthor's 300 foot yacht... The Gertrude.

    During the summer of 2004, when [Bryan] Singer, [Guy] Dyas and screenwriters Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty started trading ideas for a new Superman movie, one of their initial ideas was give Lex his own boat. And it couldn't simply be any boat, it had to be one of the most luxurious yachts in the world. "Lex didn't build the yacht," explains Dyas. So how did he come into possession of it? "We talked about this elderly lady [Gertrude], the wife of a huge shipping magnate who made his fortune in ship building," he says. "As a result, he built her this absolutely extravagant yacht. It's absolutely enormous. It's about 300 feet. It has a jacuzzi, its own helicopter, all sorts of fun things."

Check out IGN.com's exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Lex Luthor's Luxury Liner.

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