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Chris and Dana Reeve

March 8, 2006: Brandon Routh Received Gift From Dana Reeve (Updated)

According to the Des Moines KCCI.com website, Dana Reeve sent Brandon Routh a special gift last year while he was filming "Superman Returns".

    Routh received four medallions from the Christopher Reeve Foundation. The new Superman movie debuts June 30, and this past weekend, Routh was back in his childhood home.

    He sat down with NewsChannel 8's Eric Hanson to talk about his upcoming movie, and the influence Christopher Reeve had on the role of Superman.

    "It's all of those people and most notably Chris is part of it, too, because he was who my Superman was," Routh said.

Dana Reeve died Monday night of lung cancer aged 44.

You can listen to the the complete Brandon Routh interview at the KCCI.com website.

UPDATE: There's now an online video file of this report at the KCCI.com website.

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