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March 16, 2006: Dana's Gift & “Superman Returns” Rated PG-13

USA Today has published an article on the gift Dana Reeve sent to Brandon Routh before she died, which we reported on back on March 8th.

The gift contained a letter with four medallions from the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Here's an excerpt from the USA Today article...

    "She said she thought I'd be a good Superman," says Routh, 26, best known for a guest role on Gilmore Girls. "She wished me luck. I can't tell you what that was like to get her blessing. I was nervous, because I had never heard from the family, and it's frightening trying to fill Christopher Reeve's shoes."

    But Routh will attempt just that as Superman swoops into theaters June 30 with more than just a $180 million budget on its shoulders.

    The film, which is enjoying one of the most pronounced marketing campaigns at the ShoWest convention of theater owners in Las Vegas, carries the hope of a lucrative summer at the box office - and expectations that people will get excited about going to the movies again.

    For Routh and director Bryan Singer, there's also a personal stake in the film doing well.

    "From comic books to radio to TV to the movies, everyone knows this character," says Singer, who also is doing a documentary on the history of Superman. "And they have an idea of who he should be. Those can be big expectations."

    Routh realized just how awesome when he received the Superman tags from the Christopher Reeve Foundation, an organization that promotes research on paralysis.

    Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in a horseback-riding accident in 1995 and died in 2004. His widow, Dana, died of lung cancer last week.

    "I wrote her back but never got to speak with her," Routh says. "Still, it was such an honor. And it made me realize how important it is to respect not just the characters in this movie, but the people who were a part of it."

Read the complete report at the USA Today website.

Meanwhile in other "Superman Returns" news, the MPAA has given the movie a PG-13 rating for some intense action violence.

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