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July 30, 2006: “Superman Returns” Hits $185 Million - Singer Blames Marketing

"Superman Returns" has so far grossed $185.6 million in its cinematic release in the U.S. While internationally the movie has done exceedingly well, taking in US$110 million, giving the movie a worldwide sum of $295,806,000 so far.

Newsarama caught up with Bryan Singer at the recent San Diego Comic Con to ask him a handful of questions about the movie's box office numbers...

    Q: Superman Returns of course, will make plenty of money. The DVD is going to be monstrous. But it seems it's not as successful as everyone wanted it to be or as successful as people wanted it to be.

    Bryan Singer: Domestically. Internationally it has so far exceeded our expectations. I was personally surprised because it is an American superhero. Compared to my experiences with the X-Men movies I feel disproportioned. The strangest surprise has definitely been the international gross.

    Q: What happened in America?

    Singer: In my personal estimation I felt it was an issue with the marketing. You've got a dense summer and you're resurrecting a character. There's a different kind of approach you've got to take when you bring in something new. Even though he's Superman and the character is ubiquitous, a Superman movie is a very new thing and it has to be presented in a new way. So a lot of that burden falls on the kind of presentation it is given.

Read the complete interview at Newsarama.com, where Bryan also discusses Lois's pregnancy and whether she remembered spending the night with Superman in "Superman II".

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