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September 28, 2006: Superman Movie DVDs... Never-Ending Differences

Just when you thought you had it all worked out, you realize there are missing pieces to the puzzle.

Superman fans with Region 1 DVD players can probably rest easy. We're pretty sure we've got all the correct details for the up-coming November 28th Superman movie DVDs listed in our "Guide to Up-Coming Superman Movie DVD Releases" article.

However, we have news for fans in other regions of the world...

Region 2 - Apparently the "Christopher Reeve Superman Collection" is not 8 discs (as it is in its region 1 edition) but 9 discs, with Warner Bros. including "Superman II: The Donner Cut" into the set. We're unsure if Regions 3 and 4 will follow suit, as I've been unable to find this collection listed for those regions at this point in time. I'm not 100% sure, but it appears as though there's no 2-disc Region 2 edition of "Superman II: Special Edition" (as there is in region 1) but a 3-disc set instead, with the inclusion of "Superman II: The Donner Cut".

Region 4 - It appears as though Region 4 fans will have a plethora of choices, with "Superman: The Movie" not only being released in the 4-disc Collector's Edition (as per region 1), but also a 2-disc "Special Edition" containing only 2 discs from the 4-disc edition. These 2 discs are disc 1 and disc 3 from the four disc edition. Region 4 fans also have the choice of the 2-disc "Superman II: Special Edition" (as per region 1) or a 3-disc "Superman II: Collector's Edition" which includes "Superman II: The Donner Cut".

I know! Confusing isn't it?! But there's one universal truth, no matter which region relates to you... The best option is still to purchase the "Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition" box set. That way you'll get everything.

I've updated the "Guide to Up-Coming Superman Movie DVD Releases" with this information.

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