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July 3, 2006: “Superman Returns” Interview Updates

Alison Balles from WNBC's "Reel Talk" interviewed Brandon Routh about "Superman Returns". You can watch the 10 minute interview online at their website.

TheMovieGuy.com's Chuck interviewed Brandon Routh recently. You can catch that interview via YouTube.

Last week CBS Early Show caught up with Brandon Routh. Check it out online via YouTube as well.

ContactMusic.com has posted an article reporting that Kate Bosworth went through an uncomfortable process to get the necessary shots for "Superman Returns"...

    KATE BOSWORTH was mortified when she had to endure endless hours in a claustrophobic full body cast to help recreate special effects for SUPERMAN RETURNS. The BLUE CRUSH star, who plays LOIS LANE in the action film, had to sport the suit to help with the effects department's motion capture efforts - but she insists the experience was worse than any stunt. She explains, "For the film there are a lot of special effects, obviously, and I had to do a full body cast so they could literally recreate any kind of movement of any part of your body. "It was honestly the worst experience I've ever had. I had a cast from my neck down. "There was a ballet barre in front of me that I had to hold onto and they started painting it (the plaster) on. "I'm holding onto the barre and it (the plaster) slowly starts to harden and it gets really hot. "You literally feel like you're starting to get buried alive. It's horrible!"

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