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April 4, 2006: Mark Stetson Talks Flying in “Superman Returns”

StudioDaily.com has interviewed Mark Stetson, the Visual Effects Supervisor for "Superman Returns", where he discusses the processes involved in making the Man of Steel fly. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    What were the challenges in doing the effects for Superman Returns?

    First, tradition - making sure that we have a movie that is true to the tradition of the iconic Superman. Two, this is a movie where there's an awful lot of Superman flying around. He flies by every means available, from huge hydraulic gimbal rigs to digital doubles and even having Superman standing on a box of green screen. It's good to keep a lot of tricks available so you can find the best solution to the problem. If he were always a digital character, it would be wrong.

Read the entire interview at the StudioDaily website.

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